Bra Fit For Consumers

Fit My Bras: How To Find Your Perfect Bra and Why It Matters

Fit My Bras is the Second Edition of Ali Cudby’s bestselling book about bras that fit. 

  • Based on the bestselling book on bra fitting, Busted! by America’s #1 Bra Coach, Ali Cudby
  • The book focuses on empowering women to find the best bras for their body.
  • Throughout the world, MILLIONS of bras have been sold using this formula for fit.
  • No more straps that fall down, underwires that pop out, or uncomfortable bras.
  • Feel confident every time you shop for bras.

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The Fit My Bras Online Program
For Consumers

The Fit My Bras program brings Ali’s book to life, with videos and information to make bra shopping a breeze.

On demand information wherever you are in the world! For the cost of one bra at a major American mall store, you’ll get everything you need to find the best bras for your unique body – now and for the rest of your life.

Learn more about the Fit My Bras Online Program.

“I never once ever in my entire life had the thought that a bra fitting would change my life. Until it did. I’ve had a couple of fittings before what I call “The Ali Moment,” one in a higher end department store, and one in a chain store where busty gals can get a bra. Both stood out as being frustrated memories.

When Ali helped me, I was expecting to get a bra that fit. I was certainly not expecting to cry with the insane happiness of finding a bra that fit ME. As in, who I am, to my core, in a way that felt right. What Ali teaches impacts you beyond the physical. For the first time in my life, I felt like my breasts belonged on my body. And that they deserved to be supported and stand out in a way that fit who I am. It was as if I connected to this part of my body that I had not been connected to before.

Sherry Boyer – Your Amazing Soul

Bra Fit Education for Professionals

At Fab Foundations, we celebrate the art and science of bras that fit with on-demand education for both consumers and professionals.


The FabFit Academy
Professional Training and Certification

The FabFit Academy delivers bra fit training and certification for professionals around the world.

The FabFit Academy  is the first global program focused on the art and science of bra fitting. The Academy offers on-demand, video-based classes for professionals to help customers look and feel their best in bras that fit. Three levels of training to fit your business needs: Basic, Self-Study and Certification.

Learn more about The FabFit Academy!

bare necessities

I think anyone selling bras should take this course.”

Laura Burke, Bare Necessities

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As a custom bra maker and co-owner of a lingerie boutique, expert bra fitting skills are integral to my success. It was very rewarding to polish and validate my skills as I completed Ali Cudby’s FabFit Academy Bra Fitting Certification Program.

This course is thorough, all encompassing and a sure fit to becoming a truly well trained professional bra fitter. My business partner and I have incorporated Ali’s book “Busted” and her bra fitting course as a foundation block in our own internal Bra Fitting 101 training for all of our staff. Thank you Ali for you leadership in our industry. It is such a pleasure to work with you.”

Florenda Pickett, Esteem Lingerie

Business Growth Programs


Your Iconic Brand

Great bra fitting isn’t enough. Learn exactly how to add revenue and profitability to your business.

Learn more about Ali’s Customer Retention offerings at Your Iconic Brand.


Not only did this program with Ali help me focus on what I need to do in 2015 to reach my goals, it really energised and motivated me to dig deeper and reach further. I am so excited to put into action what I have learned.

If you are in the business of helping women look and feel their best, do not hesitate to sign on with Ali. You will elevate yourself and your business to new heights, and have a great time doing it !”

Linda Crawford, Uplift Custom Bras

Ali’s Speaking, Workshops and More

  • A Bra That Fits As an Act of Empowerment
  • Business Growth Strategies for Lingerie Companies
  • Bra Fitting 101

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