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Look lighter and more shapely in an instant with the right bra fit

By: Gerit Quealy

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I remember my mother used to bend over and say “everybody in” when putting on her bra in the morning.

It always used to make me laugh. Now it’s not so funny.

Frankly, having the wrong bra size can easily make you look like the Goodyear tire guy. It’s not a good look.

Along comes breast savior Ali Cudby, bra fit coach and author of Busted! The Fab Foundations Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic, who stressed that this is especially “an issue that a lot of boomers face!”


“Because the biological process of menopause makes the composite of your breast change.”

Many women don’t think to accommodate for this change. To further complicate the issue, many women were probably not wearing the right size bra to begin with.

I asked Ali how she became an advocate of finding the right fit for your breasts.”I was a busty girl,” she said, “and my mom wasn’t” “” so from the get-go there was a disconnect as to what she needed.

Now Ali Cudby seeks to bridge that divide by making what women need for the right bra fit very clear. Because about 85% of us are wearing the wrong bra size!

Do: Find a bra that’s comfortable. You should never have to suffer an uncomfortable bra. When you’re wearing a bra that fits your body correctly, it will lift your breasts up and hold them in, exposing the narrowest part of your ribcage “” when I say up and in, I don’t mean push up or cleavage “” rather, contained.

Don’t: Pay attention to size.There are no standards for sizes anyway. Find the right fit for your body and ignore what the tag says.

Most women have asymmetry though “” with one breast sometimes up to a cup size larger than the other – how do you accommodate that?

“When you have breast asymmetry (one larger than the other) you should always fit the larger breast. You can use fit tricks (like shortening the strap on the smaller one, or padding to even things out if it bothers you.”

Do: Replace your bras regularly. Elastic only lasts so long. All bras have a shelf life. (This will also help accommodate size changes).

Don’t: Wash bras after every wearing(see reason above), but when you do, make sure to use cold water on the gentle cycle. No bleach or time in the dryer either, which will wear them out faster. Close the hooks of your bra before washing to maintain the shape and prevent them from snagging other garments.

Don’t: Wear a minimizer. Really, there’s only so much you can do with the volume of your breast. It really only succeeds in giving you a smushed profile, which often makes you look wider and bigger all over, hence, heavier.

Do: Go for quality, pretty bras: A quality bra will often be a better value. They’re made with better materials, so they will keep their shape and keep you supported, longer. You may spend more up front, but save money (and time, since you don’t have to replace them as often) down the road.

“As for pretty, you should wear bras that help you feel wonderful.  “Pretty” is in the eye of the beholder, and whether you like pristine white cotton or the sexiest lace, it’s all about looking and feeling your best.”  

A word about contour cup bras
What if you don’t want to add any (more) bulk?!

“There are bras out there that are seamless but without the bulk “” innovation in bra manufacturing is making them better all the time. In recent years, two new fabrics have come on the market to help get a smooth shape without adding bulk.

One is spacer material, which is very light and breathable and has air built into the fabric. The other is memory foam that warms to your form, literally. Your body heat helps the memory foam adjust to the shape of your breast, making it feel less bulky but retaining the smooth shape women love.

If you really want lift, though, then seamed cups are the way to go. Seams give your breast additional support and ultimately create your most lifted look.”

Best bonus: Wearing the right bra size can make you look up to “10-20 pounds thinner” (due to that ribcage exposure)! That’s a great reason to get a good fit. But there are other perks to putting your breasts in the right hoist: Better posture, less muscle tension, even better breathing, which helps relieve stress!

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