Tips For Men – Buying Lingerie For Your Valentine

Thong bouquet  by Hanky Panky

Thong bouquet
by Hanky Panky

Nothing brings out that deer-in-headlights look more than a man walking into a lingerie store.   This Valentine’s Day, step up your game with these great tips for buying your Valentine the perfect lingerie.

1)  It’s OK to cheat!

It’s really helpful to know size in advance, so take a sneak peek in her drawer before you shop to take note of her size in bras, underwear and clothing.  If you don’t know her well enough to see her lingerie drawer you probably don’t know her well enough to buy her lingerie.

PRO TIP – not all bras are sized the same, so knowing which brand she wears is also useful when you go shopping.

2)  Know HER style

Does she wear colors?  If so, pastels, brights or gem tones?
How about prints?   Which ones – dots, plaids, animal prints, floral, Hello Kitty?

What’s her lingerie personality?   Here are some ideas to get your going:


PRO TIP –  Men tend to buy lingerie that they want to look at, rather than thinking about the lingerie their Valentines wants to wear.  Think about her lingerie style first by looking at what she wears most frequently.

3)  Make like a boy scout and be prepared

Have a game plan — think in advance about which item she might like most:

Bras and bottoms
Special occasion lingerie (garter belts, body suits, bustiers, etc)
“5 minute” lingerie (aka – it ends up on the floor within 5 minutes)

PRO TIP –  Men have a tendency to freeze up when they get into a lingerie store.  A little planning goes a long way toward picking something that will actually get worn.

4)  Once you get to the store, be brave! Ask for help

Women who work in lingerie stores have seen and heard it all.  They are there to help and want you to find the perfect gift.  This may be a new experience for men, but it will not be their first rodeo.  (It’s Valentine’s week – do you think you’re the only dude looking for lingerie this holiday?!)  The more you can relax into the shopping experience, the more they can help you and the more fun you’ll have.

PRO TIP – Many stores have extra stock and sizes in the back, so by asking you’ll have access to more options.
PRO TIP2 – That’s a wrap.  Get the gift wrapped nicely, it makes it more special.

5)  If you must…

Gift certificates are always an option, but not as much fun.

PRO TIP – add a little something something, so there’s a box to open on Valentine’s Day itself.  Many lingerie shops have non-clothing options such as candles, lotions and tidbits that range from PG to X-rated.
PRO TIP 2 – The message is part of the gift when shopping is an outing to share.  Shopping together (and getting into the spirit) can be a fun and flirty outing for couples.

More than any thing, expressing your mushy feelings for your Valentine is the best gift of all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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