The New Age of Shapewear – via McPete Sez Newsletter

Via McPete Sez Newsletter

Do you remember watching the shapewear scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary? You know the one”¦our intrepid heroine brings home her sexy-yet-skanky boss, only to realize that she’s wearing unattractive control bottoms beneath her clothes. For any woman inclined to help manage her curves for a night on the town, it was an unsettling reminder of the realities of the undergarment selections of the day.

Thankfully, the new age of shapewear is upon us, and today women have the option to enjoy the benefits of supportive foundations and feel gorgeous – simultaneously. From looks to technology, we are no longer relegated to our mother’s girdles or Bridget Jones’ granny panties.

One trend getting increasing play from lingerie manufacturers is having shapewear that matches the lingerie collections, creating both a coordinated ensemble and a sexy line beneath clothing.

Prima Donna Twist is one brand that has introduced such lines. The Tresor collection pairs a midnight blue bra and all the benefits of Prima Donna’s renowned fit excellence with a high waisted shaper that slims the middle and creates a smooth line at the bottom. The look is boudoir-worthy while also possessing shaping benefits.

Bali’s forthcoming Lace’N Smooth collection will be available this summer. This new addition to their shapewear line features 360 degrees of stretch lace. The fabric offers firm control but doesn’t show under clothes. One particularly interesting piece is the Slim Couture Flip-Top Tank, which is reversible, and can be worn as either a lace-front or solid tank.

Other brands that feature the improved look of shapewear include Bethanny Frankel’s Skinnygirl and the upcoming relaunch of the classic brand Scandale. Both brands may be designed primarily as underwear, but are pretty enough to pass for outerwear.

Bethanny Frankel models her Skinnygirl shaper, worn
here as outerwear.

When it comes to today’s shapewear, it’s not just about good looks – the garments also getting smarter, as the technology going into fabrics and manufacturing processes are becoming more sophisticated.

Wacoal‘s cellulite-busting iPant is constructed of nylon microfibers that are embedded with microcapsules containing caffeine to promote fat destruction; vitamin E to prevent the effects of aging; ceramides to restore and maintain the skin’s smoothness; and retinol and aloe vera to moisturize and increase the firmness of the skin.

The iPant is designed to release these beneficial ingredients into the skin while a woman moves throughout the day.

Similarly innovative, Body Wrap ® shapewear involves seamless engineering of garments using advanced circular knit technology. This technology allows different knitting constructions, from high compression to high breathability zones, to be knit seamlessly within one garment, eliminating side seams and chafing points. Through seamless engineering, the company can determine the level of volume, control, compression, support and comfort that is needed in targeted zones.

Body Wrap ® is being offered in an increasing range of colors and styles, for even more options under clothes.

Smart, good looking, and modern sounds like a better choice all around”¦sort of like Colin Firth’s Darcy in the Bridget Jones movies.

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