Summer Sundress Essentials – Upselling Accessories

Summer presents many opportunities for retailers to upsell accessories to customers, particularly for wearing under a sundress, the wardrobe staple of summer.

Here are three items you may not think of, but are summer sundress essentials for every woman’s wardrobe:

Seamless Underwear:

Fabrics can be clingy, and the last thing a woman wants is the dreaded VPL – Visible Panty Lines. VPL will ruin the look of a flowy summer sundress. Women with softer tissue may also prefer bottoms with a higher rise under sundresses, to minimize any hint of bulging where panties meet skin.


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Microfibers, laser cutting and silicone edges make the options for seamless underwear better and better. Innovations in cosmetic and solutions fabrics also help.

Here’s one product that hits the trifecta – seamless, higher rise and wicking (because, let’s face it…in the hot months that’s a handy feature).

TC Fine Intimates Winning Edge Collection: The breathable, moisture-wicking, no-ride, and no-line technological marvels of this collection are the comfortable solutions your customers need.

Strap Control

TC Fine Intimates

Finding the perfect bra to go with a summer sundress isn’t always easy – especially when it comes to aligning bra straps and dress straps. Sometimes women need a little help to ensure their straps aren’t showing (unless they’re into that, which some bras make easy).

For women less inclined to show off their straps, it’s nice to have a product like Strap Doctor to offer a customer. While Strap Doctor is designed primarily to prevent straps from slipping off shoulders, it’s also great for keeping straps where you want them on the body. Simply affix a clear strap to the skin and allow the textured side to grip onto your garment. It stays in place!

One of the FabFit Academy students at Esprit de la Femme Lingerie in British Columbia shares that customers have reported, “Strap Doctor works well under clothing to hold necklines in place – much better than double sided tape or a lingerie glue.”

Cure Inner Thigh Chafing


The enemy of the sundress is the uncomfortable chafing that some women endure when walking around in the heat. That’s right, the bane of the existence of women worldwide, the awfully named “chub rub.”

Sometimes it’s too darned hot to wear an extra layer of clothing. For those times, you can always recommend an “alternate” use of lubricant. In fact, Überlube (among others) markets itself as a sport product. “Athletes use Überlube as a long lasting anti-chafe.” It promises to last for around 4 hours under sport conditions. Hey, if it works for athletes, it can work for the everyday woman under her sundress.

When it comes to upselling, there’s opportunity to think outside the box (or bra, as the case may be) to consider a woman’s whole life. When you solve her problems and become a trusted advisor, you create intensely loyal customers.

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