New Sizes for Full-Busted Lingerie – Parfait

Parfait Charlotte

What’s better than fabulous neo-romantic lingerie for the full-busted among us?

Fabulous neo-romantic lingerie in expanded sizes for the full-busted!

Parfait, a leader in affordable luxury, is bringing back some of their favorite styles in cup sizes going all the way to K-cup.   When these new styles hit the stores in August the sizzle you notice won’t just be about the weather.

Best-selling Charlotte comes back in a Wild Pink with black accents, in addition to its familiar peach/black, red/black and dusty rose colors.   Charlotte offers expanded band sizes, as well, with its padded bra now starting at a 28-band.

Parfait Babydoll

The expanded range takes the fullest busted around the clock and to every occasion.   While Charlotte takes you out for fun and frolic, the additional cup sizes are also found on the Sophia Wire Bra, with styles that are ideal for everyday fit and comfort.   And because every woman deserves some sexy sleepwear that fits and flatters, Parfait is rolling out their Alexis babydoll to a K-cup, as well.   With the entire range existing south of the $70 mark, it’s a luxury women can indulge in without breaking the bank.

Join the celebrities who have discovered the style, fit and comfort Parfait has to offer, including Sofia Vergara, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Silverstone, and more.

Check out these great styles, and a few more, in Parfait’s sneak peek video!


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