London Calling

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by Ali Cudby

I was fortunate to spend some time in London in October and took the opportunity to visit some of the town’s better lingerie locales. My tour took me to a number of different kinds of stores – sexy boutiques, fit-based shops and all-encompassing department stores. Here are some observations”¦

Sex is Luxe

In some ways, for all their posh accents and high teas, the English have always been more out and proud than Americans when it comes to sex. Benny Hill could never have been an American creation. So it comes as no surprise that the Brits are embracing the trend toward making fetishism both mainstream and high-end. The sex shops aren’t gone – hello Ann Summers   – but there are a number of shops that’ll happily sell you fet-wear and accoutrement at luxury price points. Coco de Mer is a prime example, making this arena their stock and trade. While Coco de Mer sells some gorgeous high-end lingerie from lines such as Bordello, Lascivious and Stella McCartney, it’s likely the store’s draw is their other items.

Statue in Coco de Mer

Fetish-wear in Coco de Mer

Lingerie Collective sells many of the same lingerie lines as Coco de Mer. When I was there, the store happened to be featuring a 50 Shades of Grey theme. Their high-end pleasure products are part of the usual stock, although I’m not sure about the blindfolds, crystal-studded riding crops and paddles.

50 Shades of Seduction at The Lingerie Collective

Fit is King (Or Queen, In This Case)

While in London I was fortunate enough to check out the epitome of fit-based stores, Rigby & Peller. The store is known for its fit methodology and also for being the Queen’s undergarment provider – they even have a royal warrant!

The Rigby & Peller stores are lovely, the product outstanding and the fitters extremely well trained. Their fit methodology is English – a very firm band, firmer than what most Americans are used to wearing. The stores feature many of the upscale brands we see in the US (Prima Donna, Empreinte, Marie Jo) as well as their own in-house label.

For the lingerie aficionado or fan, a trip to one of the Rigby & Peller boutiques is a must!

Lingerie As Far As the Eye Can See

Additional destinations included the famed Selfridges, Fenwick’s, vintage inspired What Katie Did, and the focus of my first fit inspiration, Bravissimo. What a selection of sizes and styles!

What Katie Did

What Katie Did

It Had To Be Done

Since I was in the neighborhood, I took a quick spin through London’s first, newly-opened Victoria’s Secret, which is a visual spectacle – here’s a shot of their multi-story video wall, framed by the staircase.

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