L’eggs Plastic Eggs Return

leggsI remember going to the store with my Mom and seeing the L’eggs plastic eggs containers on the shelf. Too young to wear “pantyhose” (as we called them back then) the eggs always beckoned to me, making me wonder about what treasures could be found inside something that so closely resembled an Easter morning treat. I wanted those eggs! By the time I was old enough to don the legwear inside, the eggs had long-since disappeared from the shelves.

Imagine the joy when I heard the iconic eggs would be making a glorious return for a limited run. “We’re excited to bring back a part of the L’eggs brand heritage that’s remembered and cherished by so many” says Angela Hawkins, vice president, general manager of legwear at HanesBrands. Of course, the legwear itself has been around, in the form of Sheer Energy.


Do you have fond memories of the L’eggs eggs? (Or not.) You can enter the L’eggs “Fabulous after 40” sweepstakes between now and April 28th. (See www.leggsluckyegg.com for details and the opportunity to win up to $25K, plus a wide array of goodies.)

Need a commemorative L’eggs egg for your lingerie collection? I do! The L’eggs eggs will be available nationwide beginning in March (suggested retail price $5.50). The eggs will be available at Walgreens and select Rite-Aid and Walmart stores.

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