I hit the…I hit the…

My Mom tells this story about me when I was a kid.   I came home from camp one summer day and was super excited – practically pinging off the walls.   She asked why and in my zeal I could barely sputter out, “I went to archery and I hit the, I hit the…” Mom helpfully supplied the next word, “bulls-eye?”   “No!” I said, my eyes shining with pride, “I hit the TARGET!”

I couldn’t have cared less about the perfection of a bulls-eye, I was just so pleased to hit anything. The thrill of hitting the target was all about what the moment represented to me vs. the how it looked on any scorecard.

Today, I opened my quarterly sales report from the Publisher of Busted! and had that same feeling.   In just four months, book sales have paid off my expenses associated with producing the book.   Going forward, all sales translate directly to royalties.

The amount of money I earned this quarter isn’t that much…but what it represents is huge.   For any authors reading this, you know the size of this milestone.   For me, this paycheck will be on a short list of the most exciting checks I’ve ever deposited — one of them is the first paycheck I ever received, as a counselor at that same summer camp, many years after my archery adventure.   The other is the first profit I ever made as an entrepreneur.

It’s a great day at Fab Foundations, and hitting this target feels like a bulls-eye.

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