Hanky Panky Sweepstakes with Bare Necessities

It’s easy to love Hanky Panky, and even easier to love a Hanky Panky Sweepstakes.

The colors!
The fit!
They styles!
The customization!

[cue record scratching to a halt]


That’s right – the same technology that has allowed Hanky Panky to bring you crystal embellishments ranging from bridal…

via Bare Necessities

via Bare Necessities

…to political affiliation…


…can now be yours to customize for FREE.

Bare Necessities has teamed up with Hanky Panky to offer a sweepstakes giving 10 lucky winners a chance to personalize a thong or boyshort.

No matter if you’re a Hanky Panky newbie or a seasoned pro, this is an opportunity you can’t pass up – whether you’re a fan of their iconic thongs or are more of a boyshort fan, you’ll love the how “the world’s most comfortable thong®” fits.


Between July 4th and July 14th you can enter to win your customized goodies by entering the sweepstakes via the Bare Necessities Facebook Page.

It’s fitting that this sweepstakes starts on July 4th, since Hanky Panky’s stretch lace goodness is Made in the USA, and has been since 1977. Hanky Panky is dedicated to the impact that manufacturing locally has on time, fuel and shipping costs – not to mention the brand’s carbon footprint. Made in the USA also means that employees are protected by American health and safety laws.

Entering the sweepstakes is a no-brainer. The biggest challenge is deciding what to inscribe on your undies, in 6 characters or less.

Ali Cudby's Hanky Panky Boyshorts

Mine say BE FAB…what would your personalized Hanky Pankies say?


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