Fit My Bras – The Second Edition of My Bestselling Bra Fitting Book

In 2010 I wrote a book to share a bra fitting methodology with women. Much to my happy surprise, it became a bestseller.

Then I pulled it off the shelves.

Why would anybody stop selling a bestselling book?

A lot of folks didn’t understand my decision. In this article, I’ll share why I did it and some great news for the people who don’t want to spend the (insane) price of $133 for a used copy of Busted!

(By the way, to answer a question I get a lot – NO, that’s not my price. That’s the price set by used book sellers. I don’t see a dime of it.)

In Busted! I shared everything I knew at the time to help women look and feel their best with bras that fit. My goal? To help women understand fit for themselves and work with professionals to find amazing bras.

After all, nobody wins when a woman buys a bra she doesn’t love.

A lot happened since 2010. Hundreds of thousands – even millions – of women around the world got fittings based on the methodology in that book.

So WHY did I pull the book from the publisher?

When I wrote that book, I shared the best information about fit I knew at the time. Busted! was based on my experiences, research, and the leading thoughts about bras, lingerie and bodies.

One foundational element in the book repeated the famous statistic that “70-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.”

At the time, I believed it.

Eventually I stopped believing.

Worse, I realized the statistic was actually harmful to the women I was working so hard to help.

Here’s why the “women are wearing the wrong size bra” line is harmful to women…

Telling someone they’re wrong about something isn’t the path to empowerment. It’s also bad for lingerie businesses. I discussed my realization in detail in this blog post.

Once that old statistic no longer reflected my beliefs, the book had to go. It didn’t reflect what I stood for in my work, and didn’t support the women I served.

And yet, I have consistently gotten requests for the book.

Plus, while the price for used copies of my book go up and down, at times they’ve been absurdly high. Price gouging is also not empowering.

The solution was obvious – it was time to update Busted!

I’m thrilled to announce that the Second Edition of Busted! – renamed as Fit My Bras – will be unveiled at Curvexpo in New York later this month.

Fit My Bras empowers women by demystifying the confusing world of bra sizing and lingerie shopping. It also helps lingerie professionals by providing a shared language for talking to customers about bras.

When consumers and pros are on the same page in the fitting room, everybody wins.

When customers understand how they fit, they are more likely to feel confident about their purchases.

When confident women find amazing bras that fit, they know it and appreciate the value of the bras they buy.

Which leads customers to buy more.

Another win-win for buyers and sellers.

If you want to be part of the unveiling of Fit My Bras and get a book signed. (They’ll be hot off the presses!)
If you have questions about bra fitting.
If you simply want to come by and say hello!



I’ll be at the Best of Intima booth at Curvexpo in New York
Monday, February 27th &
Tuesday, February 28th from
11am – 12noon

See you there!

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