How to feel FABULOUS

Do your customers feel FABULOUS when they shop with you?

The question occurred to me as I was watching an ad for Special K on TV recently. The ad showed women trying on jeans (another article of clothing that many women dread buying) but the jeans were sized according to positive adjectives like “radiant” and “fabulous” instead of being sized by numbers.

Most women don’t feel “radiant” or “fabulous” when they buy bras.

As a lingerie professional, of course you are striving to help women look and feel their best in their bodies. Otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten into this line of work.

Your customers matter to you.

And yet, sometimes it’s worth asking yourself…

Do my customers feel radiant and fabulous when they shop with me?

You’ll know if the answer is a resounding YES because you have customers who shop more often, spend more money, and refer their friends and family on a regular basis.

If the answer is a resounding YES then your business is probably going GANGBUSTERS! That’s awesome – congratulations!!

If the answer is anything else then here’s ONE thing you can do.

Ask yourself – Are you treating them like they are radiant and fabulous?

I see lingerie professionals trying so hard to offer great fittings, and they forget about the insecurities of the women they are serving. It’s not intentional – it’s the opposite. These retailers are so focused on offering a great technical fit they stop focusing on how their customers FEEL.

Watch the Special K ad get curious about your business…do those words mirror how your customers feel about bra shopping?

Are you ready to bring that level of positive emotion to your customers?
If you are a motivated lingerie pro and you’re ready to take action on behalf of your business AND your customers – great!
Email me, tweet me or hit me up on Facebook. We’ll find a time to talk. If not, no problem – keep doing what you’re doing. You’re getting exactly the results you want.
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