Buzzfeed Body Shaming Big Boobs

I was interested to read today’s article in Buzzfeed, helpfully entitled 28 Things That People With Big Boobs Can Simply Never Do.

Thanks, Buzzfeed, for taking body shaming to a new level. An entire population of women – some of who may already feel uncomfortable or awkward about their very natural bodies – now know they are excluded from certain activities; like running, walking, wearing clothes or hugging. Due entirely to the size of their breasts. So glad you could help me straighten that out, Buzzfeed, before I make the horrible mistake of thinking I’m allowed a normal life.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. And yes, I know the Buzzfeed article was written with tongue-in-cheek. I’m sure the fine folks at Buzzfeed weren’t trying to find a way to include lots of gifs of bouncing breasts – no, not all all! Never. (Yup, still being sarcastic.) I guess the article you ran in October must have gotten great clickthrough – except that one had a different tone.

So why do I care? I’m sure it’s all in good fun and not worth getting so worked up about.


via Buzzfeed

via Buzzfeed

I care because it sends a horrible message to women. Particularly when you end the 28-point snarkfest with the message, “Oh well. At least you look great.” Way to objectify and demean women, Buzzfeed. Please make sure you hammer home the message that women’s bodies are not only fertile ground for mocking humor but also there for the ogling. Large breasts exist for your pleasure, after all.

I also care about this article because it perpetuates a myth that large breasts can’t be contained. Here’s the reality – there are bras out there for bodies ranging from 28AAA to 56N. Many of these bras are gorgeous. If women are bouncing, bulging and popping they are simply not wearing a bra that fits properly, and there are better options out there. Instead of belittling women, how about sharing some information.

Being comfortable in your bra and your skin is a matter of 3 easy steps:

Busted!  The Fab Foundations Ultmate Guide to Finding Your Best Fitting Bra

1) Find out how a bra should fit your body. If you’re not comfortable or contained, then your bra doesn’t fit. And you deserve better. TRY THIS – reach behind you and pull your bra band away from your back. Does it come away more than one or, at most, two inches? Can you feel resistance against your hand? If not, your band is too big and your bra doesn’t fit. It will never give you the support you need as a large-busted woman. Period.

2) Find bras that fit. You may not find the sizes you need in the stores near you. Many mall stores carry a very narrow range of sizes. Look for an independent boutique or shop online for a wider range of styles and sizes.

3) Embrace your curves. For too many large-busted women, articles like this reinforce the belief that it’s not just bras that don’t fit – it’s their bodies that are somehow not fitting into society’s norms. It’s a terrible feeling that they carry with them – literally and figuratively – every day. Of course, not every full-busted woman feels that way, but years of research has shown that many do. Knowing there are bras out there that are gorgeous, well-fitting bras specifically designed for the full-busted body can help women look AND feel better.

Humor about big breasts can be great! Check out Busty Girl Comics, it’s funny and based on real-world issues faced by large-busted women. It’s not like everything you said was wrong – I’ve even been known to scoop out the sand under my bust at the beach. Large breasts can be challenging. And awesome. And funny. There’s fertile, clickable ground here without body shaming. I just wish Buzzfeed had chosen a different path.

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