About Ali Cudby

This business all began as a way to solve my own struggles in the fitting room. When I found bra nirvana, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! Instead, I started talking to friends. It turns out, pretty much every woman I talked to had a story to tell.

Some story of heartache, headache, or just plain ache.

I realized that most women – in fact, most humans who choose to wear bras – wanted help looking and feeling their best in bras that fit.

Eventually, those conversations became a blog, then a series of articles in an online magazine, and ultimately a book.

The result?

Much to my shock and thrill, my book became a bestseller. My methodology was the basis of a bra fitting program that was initially designed for lingerie professionals, called the FabFit Academy. Today, the FabFit Academy is the global leader in bra fit training and certification for professionals who use fitting in their businesses.

Millions of bras, on six continents around the world, have been sold by companies using the FabFit Academy to train their teams.

And my book? The book is available worldwide in its second edition as Fit My Bras, along with a video-based program designed for consumers who want to find the best bras for their unique bodies.

Here at Fab Foundations, we focus on the art and science of bra fitting.

“More than anything, I owe this business to my lousy bra.”
– Ali Cudby


Some folks also know about my other company, Your Iconic Brand. That’s where we offer business growth solutions for a wide range of companies.

After getting an MBA from Wharton School of Business, I landed at The New York Times Company in their Corporate Planning group. From there, I further my skills helping businesses grow and thrive at Golf Digest, Animal Planet TV Network, and then as an award-winning entrepreneur.

As Founder and CEO of Fab Foundations in 2010 and our sister company, Your Iconic Brand, I’m thrilled to have been featured on all the major TV networks and print in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence Magazine, Daily Candy, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, and numerous others.

I serve on the executive board of the University of Pennsylvania’s Trustees Council for Penn Women as the Chairperson of the Leadership Committee, and on the Board of Overseers for Penn’s Library Systems.

A native of Washington DC, these days I live in Indianapolis with my husband and two very spoiled dogs. In my spare time you can usually find me in the pottery studio.

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About Ali Cudby April 23, 2011