2014 New Year’s Resolution: Getting Bras Organized

It’s the start of 2014 and we’re all making resolutions to get organized. For many women, those organizing resolutions usually include their closets so this year why not help women take things a bit further and help them organized their bras? It is time to help women give their bras the love and attention that they deserve. Have women ask themselves, does my lingerie drawer currently look like it is exploding with tangled, dented and mushed up bras? If so, reassure them that we’ve been there, and chances are no one wears even half the bras in their drawers.

photo credit: athriftymrs.com via photopin cc

photo credit: athriftymrs.com via photopin cc

So, just how should you organize your bras? Start off by getting rid of what you don’t need. What’s the point of having old bras lying around that don’t fit or have been stretched and worn so much that they just don’t work anymore? Old, unused bras take up valuable real estate. Here are a few questions to have women ask themselves and if the answer is no, it’s time to let it go.

First, eliminate all the bras that are stained, torn or just simply uncomfortable. If your bra isn’t comfortable, it’s not worth keeping – there is never a good reason to be miserable.

It’s also important to get rid of the bras that don’t fit. How do you know if a bra fits? Here’s your easy way to do a DIY bra makeover: Check your BUST

B – Begin with the band. The band is the foundation of your foundations. It should be carrying the majority of the support of your breasts. One simple test to see if your band is doing its job is to reach around and pull it away from your back. The band should give immediate resistance against your hand, and should only come one or two inches away from your back. Any more, and it’s too loose (less, and it’s too tight). To get the band to fit correctly, you may need to loosen the straps – most women wear their straps much too tight!
U – Understand your underwire. If you’re wearing an underwire bra, it should encapsulate all of your breast tissue. If it’s cutting into your breast tissue – or worse, popping out of the bra entirely – you have a problem and the bra should go.
S – Smooth your cup. The cups should create one smooth line from the bottom of your bust to your chest wall. That means no lumps, bumps, wrinkles or gaps – and no spillage over or under the cups. Even when a bra doesn’t cover all the skin, there should still be a smooth line that’s invisible under clothes.
T – Tack your gore. The gore is the middle of the bra in front – the piece that connects the two cups. In an underwire bra, your gore should sit right up against your chest wall. In a soft cup bra the gore won’t sit against the body in the same way.

Finally, unlike your favorite jeans from high school, get rid of bras if you haven’t worn them in the past few months. We all have bras lying around that may be pretty or were expensive but we don’t wear them for one reason or another. But bras don’t last forever, and even expensive bras lose their elastic after a while. Bite the bullet and find another home for the bras you’re not wearing.

Make sure to organize what you have left properly so you can get the longest life out of your bras. Start off with an empty drawer or two depending on the amount of bras you have. Bras should be stored laying down as they need plenty of space to breath. Next, sort your bras by type (sports bras, everyday bras, specialty bras, etc. ). Then, lay your bras within their categories from the back of the drawer to the front, slightly staggering them so you can always see what you have. Make sure to hook your bras closed before storing them so the metal hooks don’t snag other lacey bras or get bent out of shape themselves. Women can also store bras laying the same way side to side in a drawer to utilize more space. Use drawer dividers to separate the different categories.

If someone doesn’t have any drawer space to spare, you can also organize bras on the top of a dresser or on a shelf but make sure to contain them using an open fabric storage container or lined basket. Keeping them together will keep them safe from snagging, falling on the floor or getting lost. Most importantly, bras will be more organized so it will be easier to get dressed each day knowing where to reach.

Now that everything is organized, what are you going to do with all those bras you’re getting rid of? You can actually donate them! Goodwill, Salvation Army and many thrift shop will take clean bras in good condition. You can even donate bras in so-so condition as a lot of charities will take them and sell them to a textile manufacturer so they can be recycled. It’s a win-win. Less bra-clutter for you, a tax write-off and helping those in need. Some lingerie stores offer occasional donation drives, with a discount for donated bras – so check out your local lingerie stores for the dates of their promotions.

Rachel Rosenthal Strisik is a professional organized based in Bethesda, MD and has worked nationally with clients since 2006 where she has organized hundreds of homes and designed countless closets. Rachel is also the founder of Organized in a BoxTM (link to www.organizedinabox), an all in one box that has everything you need to get your entire home organized. Rachel is currently featured in Better Homes and Gardens, January 2014, “Your Clutter Cured!” Rachel’s tips have also been featured in such publications as Huffington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, NBC4, Fox 5, Lucky Magazine, Discovery Fit and Health and The Washington Post. www.rachel-company.com

Ali Cudby works with companies to help their customers look and feel their best via a unique angle – finding bras that fit. Known as America’s #1 Bra Coach, Ali is the CEO of Fab Foundations ® and founder of the FabFit™ Academy, an international bra fit training and certification program. She wrote the bestselling book on bra fitting, Busted! The Fab Foundations ® Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic.

Ali’s fit tips have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence Magazine, Daily Candy, Yahoo! and numerous additional publications in print and online. From TV to radio and in speaking engagements worldwide, Ali has shared her trademarked BUSTED methodology for finding bras that fit. www.fabfoundations.com and www.fabfitacademy.com


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