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Valisere corsage magique led light corset

The Autumn/Winter 2012 Paris Salon International de la Lingerie was a mash up of color, sound – and 50 particularly innovative lights, courtesy of Valisère’s Corsage Magique. The Corsage Magique is a corset that is made with lace and a backing fabric featuring a decorative motif – but the design is much more than decoration. […]

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After two days of the show, I feel simultaneously like I’ve seen an amazing amount and that I have so much more to see. The Paris Salon de la Lingerie is divided into areas — Essentials (lingerie brands we know and love), Loungewear, Men, Italians (which seems odd until you see what they have to […]

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Paris Show – Day One

posted on January 21, 2012 in FabFit Formula

Day one in Paris and just walking in the door is exciting! The show is large – though I’m told it’s smaller than previous years. The booths have a bigger presence, and a more involved set up – with construction and a sense of theater. The theatrical even extends to the vibe here, with much […]

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