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Chantelle - Paris Paris

via McPete Sez Newsletter by Ali Cudby Holiday gifts are fun at any age.   Giving lingerie is a double whammy of fun – your lover gets to unwrap the gift, and then you get to unwrap HER when she wears your offering.   At the same time, selling lingerie to men is often a […]

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The Lingerie Collective in London

via McPete Sez Newsletter by Ali Cudby I was fortunate to spend some time in London in October and took the opportunity to visit some of the town’s better lingerie locales. My tour took me to a number of different kinds of stores – sexy boutiques, fit-based shops and all-encompassing department stores. Here are some […]

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claudette cool cotton bra

When the outside temperatures climb, sometimes even the lightest sundresses can feel like too much. On those days, picking fab foundations can make all the difference in how you feel throughout your day. Since we all suffer the weather together, striking up a conversation about these products with customers can remind them of items they […]

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Empreinte swimwear: sienne coquelicot 2-piece

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner, and swimming pools are being primped and primed for summer. With the opening of the pools comes swimsuit season and the attendant shopping excursions. For full-busted women, swimsuit shopping can be a dilemma. We already feel exposed – and the dress-sized offerings in most local stores aren’t […]

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via McPete Sez Newsletter

This post was written by Treacle Tart, The Lingerie Addict, and posted on McPete Sez Newsletter.   This topic is covered in my bestselling book Busted! My take on the argument is that it’s not about size, or measuring at all – it’s about fit.   Understanding what fit looks like on your unique body, […]

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Marie Jo Juliette

As anyone in the lingerie business knows, the product can be deceptive. To the untrained eye, it’s a pretty bit of lace or fabric. Some pieces, like bras or corsets, are particularly sneaky – the work required to get those small scraps of lace and fastenings to do their job properly requires engineering and design […]

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