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FabFit Academy

Lingerie Buyer Magazine profiles the FabFit Academy. Ali Cudby, founder of Fab Foundations, talks about the launch of her innovative new online fit school and why she believes it will benefit both retailers and suppliers as well as those outside the lingerie industry. Anyone working in the lingerie industry will know that good fit is […]

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via Lingerie Buyer by Ali Cudby When it comes to finding bra fit advice, it’s easy to see why so many women are still walking around in the wrong size. There are more fitting methods than broken New Year’s resolutions, and when retailers and brands send contradictory messages, it’s downright confusing. Let’s break down the […]

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via Lingerie Buyer by Ali Cudby One of the biggest challenges retailers face is connecting women with bras that are the right shape for their bodies, and there are a number of reasons why this is so difficult. Firstly, fit is already complicated and learning which bras fit which shapes is an advanced skill. Secondly, […]

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Fraulein Kink via Lingerie Buyer

For Lingerie Buyer Magazine By Ali Cudby   Fifty Shades of Grey is nothing short of a phenomenon – flying off shelves and into homes (preferably via e-readers) worldwide. What was first scoffed at by the mainstream media as ‘Mommy porn’ has seen author E. L. James have the last laugh “”all the way to […]

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Harmonie by Scandale

\’Girdle’ is not a pretty word. Even the sound of it seems to suggest that a womanly form should be compressed. \’Shapewear’ on the other hand, is a more appealing word, evoking an appreciation of feminine curves. Thankfully, we now live in the shapewear era. While the modern iteration of the category may have started […]

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My latest column on innovations in the Lingerie world, via Ali Cudby from Fab Foundations continues her series on innovations in lingerie – this month, ink-jet printing that combines smooth lines with the appearance of lace, a seamless knitted shaping line from Barbara and wearable cosmetics from Eurojersey. Consumers rarely think about innovation in fabrics, […]

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Busted: For Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic

From UK’s premiere lingerie retailer magazine, Lingerie Buyer Ali Cudby is passionate about bra fit and its power to change the lives of women. She talks to Lingerie Buyer about her forthcoming book that examines the different aspects of good fit and what it means to get it right and wrong. It’s a figure that’s […]

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