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verve partnership

When it comes to a lingerie boutique – whether a bricks and mortar or online experience – how you present your environment is critically important to your brand. For many retailers, décor goes a long way to present the brand. A boudoir environment evokes a mood very different from a store with sleek lines and […]

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Welcome to the fourth installment of this series on branding in lingerie. Today we’ll be talking about brand consistency with Claire Chambers, Founder & CEO of the amazing Journelle stores in New York City. If you are new to the branding series, you can take a look at previous articles about Lingerie Briefs,Secrets in Lace […]

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So far in this lingerie branding series, we’ve looked at Lingerie Briefs and online retailer, Secrets In Lace. Now we are asking; What happens when you want to expand your lingerie brand? It’s important to be strategic when considering expansion. There’s plenty of upside – new market, new customers, and dreaming about the ka-ching dropping […]

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Secrets in Lace Stockings

In my  last Retail Briefs column  we began looking at the lingerie brand promise. The definition of branding – for the purposes of this series – is simple to say, and extremely difficult to execute. Namely, branding is “your promise to your customers.” One company that is exceptional in this regard is  Secrets In Lace. […]

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Branding via Lingerie Briefs

Branding in your lingerie store is the greatest opportunity to create the go-to experience every retailer wants its customers to enjoy. It is also one of the greatest challenges in building a successful business. Too many stores lose customers – and sales – by having branding that misses the mark. Here in Retail Briefs we […]

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via Lingerie Briefs

via Lingerie Briefs Recently, a bra blogger asked if a particular fit problem could be attributed to breast tissue migration.   That question prompted me to research the topic, because we owe it to our customers to understand the fit issues being discussed in the world. Breast tissue migration has not been covered in my […]

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The Trick of the Fit

posted on April 5, 2013 in Articles by Ali, Bra Fit

Customers In The Fitting Room – via Retail Briefs If only fitting lingerie was as simple as having a single bra size.   Yes, I can hear the chuckles from the fitting community.   We all know better.   Bra sizes vary from brand to brand, and even within a brand from bra to bra. […]

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curvexpo at lingerie briefs

If you are a lingerie retailer and gearing up for trade show season, it’s important to have a strategy for your buying.   I talked to Ellen Lewis at Lingerie Briefs and compiled some tips for buying at trade shows.   While this focuses on lingerie boutiques, there are tips here that are helpful for […]

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Holiday 2012 selection, including Chantelle's Paris Paris

Via Lingerie Briefs Coup de Foudre is one of the only luxury lingerie stores in Washington DC, located in the heart of downtown, just steps from the famed Ford’s Theater.   In 2011, owner Kiersten Butterfield purchased the store from the woman who originally opened in 2004. To learn more about Coup de Foudre, their […]

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via Lingerie Briefs Welcome to Retail Briefs, Lingerie Brief’s latest column, dedicated to answering your burning questions about the world of lingerie retail. The day-to-day of lingerie retailing is challenging.   You’re always on the go – managing your inventory, your employees, your customers.   Keeping a store (or stores) on track is hard enough, […]

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