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Articles Tagged Celebrity Style

Kathy Griffin's New Year's Eve - CNN

While ringing in 2012, Kathy Griffin stripped down and modeled her underwear on CNN in front of a somewhat sputtering Anderson Cooper. Fortunately, she also showed the world bras that fit.   On, you can see a video of the moment, complete with her dancing in a circle to show the entire 360 view […]

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Jessica Alba's backless dress - which is the bra that fits?

By Tricia Chaves Need to know the best silicone bra before handing over your cash? Ask the experts. Linda “The Bra Lady” Becker owns Linda’s Bra Salon in New York City, where each boutique associate undergoes a quarter-year “bra school” to be considered qualified to give customers a bra makeover. Ali Cudby of D.C. is […]

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Celebrities who wear bras that fit

The lovely Linda Becker shares her insight on what celebrities wear under their fabulous dresses.   Funny enough, I’ll be talking about the same thing on Washington DC’s Let’s Talk Live tomorrow at 11am, News Channel 8.   Please tune in and set your DVR! Celebrities seem to have it all: looks, money, fashion”¦ but […]

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