Back wings: The rear portion of the band, extending from the cup to the rear hook and eye closures.

Comfort Straps: Bra straps that are wider than average and can be padded or lined for additional comfort. These are great for full-busted women who are prone to shoulder or neck pain.

Cookies/Cutlets: Inserts for bras that can be used to enhance breasts or even out asymmetrical breasts.

Cups: The area of the bra that holds the breasts.

Extenders: small rectangles of fabric used to lengthen or reconfigure a back band. Some are used to compensate for an expanding rib cage, while others can convert a standard bra to a low-back bra.

Gore (aka bridge, saddle): The center, front piece of the bra. The fabric that connects the cups.

Petals: High-beams be gone! Petals – sometimes known as nipple shields – are adhesive-based and stick onto the breast to prevent nipples from showing through clothes. Better than band-aids.

Pole: The setting of the pole describes the placement of the strap on the cup. For example, a center pole is a bra that features straps coming off the center of the cup.

Straps: The part of the bra that extends from the cups, over the shoulders, to the back wings.

Underwire: A thin piece of semi-firm, but flexible, wire and can be fashioned out of any material. The underwire encapsulates the breast and provides support.