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A Sports Bra that fits properly can be the key to keeping your New Year’s Resolutions!   No matter your bra size, having a specialized bra for your workouts is critical for all women.   Check out this video from Washington DC’s WUSA9 to learn more, and if you want more help finding bras that […]

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The Little Bra Company

I was recently at a high school basketball game, and watched a teenage girl dribble with one hand, while holding her chest with the other – and for good reason.   If she hadn’t been holding herself up, she may have given herself a bloody nose from her bouncing breasts.   I felt sad for […]

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Encapsulation bra for full-busted women

Have you ever watched a woman jog down the street without a sports bra, breasts bouncing in a way that can only be described as painful? Ouch! Why go through that torture? Particularly when fantastic exercise bras are out there in a range of sizes and styles. A sports bra is an essential garment for […]

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