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When I was at Wharton School of Business, I had an Entrepreneurship professor who said, “where you see a problem that frustrates people, you’ll find a business opportunity.” Tara Cavosie did exactly that when she created Hooked Up Shapewear. Shapewear is supposed to be a smoothing garment, but too often, when Tara wore it, the […]

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5 Must Have Cami Solutions

posted on July 26, 2013 in Shapewear
Arianne Teri Cami View 2

If your cami wardrobe consists only of white, black, and cream colored spaghetti strap cotton camisoles, we have to talk.  Here, I’ll show you five must have camis that will work wonders for your wardrobe.  Your camis can do so much more for you, if you know how to pick ‘em! 1.  Arianne Teri Reversible […]

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By Ali Cudby Recently, Commando was awarded a patent for their slip.   Intrigued by the aspect of their slip that made it a patented technology, I learned more – here’s what they shared: AC:   Please explain the innovation that is built into your slip. Commando:   The major innovation that is built into […]

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Harmonie by Scandale

\’Girdle’ is not a pretty word. Even the sound of it seems to suggest that a womanly form should be compressed. \’Shapewear’ on the other hand, is a more appealing word, evoking an appreciation of feminine curves. Thankfully, we now live in the shapewear era. While the modern iteration of the category may have started […]

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PrimaDonna Twist Tresor lingerie and shapwear in MidnightBlue

Via McPete Sez Newsletter Do you remember watching the shapewear scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary? You know the one”¦our intrepid heroine brings home her sexy-yet-skanky boss, only to realize that she’s wearing unattractive control bottoms beneath her clothes. For any woman inclined to help manage her curves for a night on the town, it was […]

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Lingerie Briefs by Ellen Lewis

That’s A Wrap! There’s no question that women are increasingly turning to shapewear in their wardrobes, but not all shapewear is created equal.   Differences often come down to the technology that goes into manufacturing the various brands.   In an effort to help shed the light on some of the leading innovations, I spoke […]

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