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Archive for April, 2012

N Natori bra and panties

It is always exciting to see established lingerie brands expand their range.   When they grow into full-busted sizes, it’s a decision made only after careful consideration.   Full-busted bras are a tricky business because asking a small strip of fabric to do the job of supporting and shaping larger breasts means more engineering, new […]

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Panache Tango Luxe Bra & Thong Lingerie set

Panache’s Tango has been celebrating its 10th birthday this year by introducing Tango Luxe, a fancier sister to the balconette and plunge styles.   Having experienced the amazing lift and shape of Luxe, I was inspired to learn more. Samantha Smith, Senior Designer at Panache was kind enough to answer a few questions, which have […]

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I hit the…I hit the…

posted on April 6, 2012 in FabFit Formula

My Mom tells this story about me when I was a kid.   I came home from camp one summer day and was super excited – practically pinging off the walls.   She asked why and in my zeal I could barely sputter out, “I went to archery and I hit the, I hit the…” […]

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Busted: For Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic

Busts 4 Justice is a fantastic site and well worth your time.   Their work on the “War on Plus-Four” speaks exactly to the fit challenges so many of us have experienced in our lives and provides amazing insight into the keys to overcoming those challenges with real solutions. –Ali   Ali Cudby is a […]

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There’s a tug-of-war in the American bra market.   Women scream for smooth, smooth, smooth when it comes to the design of their bra cups.   But let’s face it – smooth can get boring.   Manufacturers look for new ways to bring aesthetic appeal into the contoured cup bra.   Some add embellishment to […]

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