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Archive for March, 2012

via LifeGoesStrong from Stockbyte

Look lighter and more shapely in an instant with the right bra fit By: Gerit Quealy I remember my mother used to bend over and say “everybody in” when putting on her bra in the morning. It always used to make me laugh. Now it’s not so funny. Frankly, having the wrong bra size can […]

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Spring Cleaning at Journelle

Next Wednesday Journelle will be launching their 2012 Spring Cleaning Bra Drive.   Gently used bras will be collected and donated, while those who donate will enjoy a 20% in teh store. In addition, Journelle will be donating $1 for each bra received and just in case that’s not enough motivation, The Laundress will be […]

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Janine Robin Paris Ecru, Lingerie Briefs

Consider the technical challenges of creating lingerie.   No matter how carefully a manufacturer designs a garment, as soon as any pattern is incorporated into the fabric there will be differences from size to size.   It’s simply impossible to make a pattern identical when the area covered by the bra elements change between sizes. […]

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Fleurty Showgirl

After 5 successful competitions in the UK and Australia, award-winning, D plus specialists Curvy Kate are taking their annual Star in a Bra competition stateside. Launching in April the brand will scour America for a naturally curvy, real woman who will become the face and body of the brand. Although the American average breast size […]

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via McPete Sez Newsletter

This post was written by Treacle Tart, The Lingerie Addict, and posted on McPete Sez Newsletter.   This topic is covered in my bestselling book Busted! My take on the argument is that it’s not about size, or measuring at all – it’s about fit.   Understanding what fit looks like on your unique body, […]

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via Frou Frou Fashionista

With retro silhouettes in high fashion, it’s not surprising that corsetry has made a comeback.   Hourglass figures are accentuated in all the right places by the structure only a corset can bring.   And yet all corsets are not created equal.   I was fortunate enough to sit down with Madame Poupie Cadolle at […]

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Here’s a very cute video from the most recent CurveNY show in New York City. The presenter, Chance, was there on behalf of McPete Sez Newsletter, one of the publications that I’m a columnist for each month. The thing is, while it’s a fun and cheeky (pun intended) look at the show, it’s not really […]

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