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Archive for November, 2011

Looking FAB Under Your Holiday Dress

posted on November 29, 2011 in Bra Fit

You want to look your best for the holidays, and sometimes finding the right lingerie for that tricky dress can be a challenge. Learn about what’s new and Fab when Ali sits down with the folks from Washington DCs Let’s Talk Live!

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Amoena Mia - Katarina

Most folks don’t see bras as being innovative. Functional? Yes. Pretty? Sometimes. But innovative? Well, not so much. And yet, the humble brassiere is constantly evolving in its hidden quest to be supportive of all women. One recent innovation that is particularly cool, in more ways than one, is the new line of bras from […]

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Le Mystere No 9 Bra

Brought to you by Many breast augmentation patients do not fully understand some of the changes that will come about following their procedures until they experience them. Of course, most patients do perform diligent research – you may have multiple consultations with your surgeon, and you’ve surely taken a look at some breast augmentation […]

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Let's Talk Live logo

Back in the dark days, not so long ago, nursing bras were sad affairs — bulky, uncomfortable and not so attractive.   The world has changed for the better, as I discuss on Washington DC’s “Let’s Talk Live”  

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