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Archive for October, 2011

Lucia, The Little Bra Company

This article was featured on Yahoo! Fashion:   The Best Push-Up Bras for A-Cups, by Tricia Chaves The Best Push-Up Bras For A-Cups Bra-fit expert and author of “Busted! The Fab Foundations ™ Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic,” Ali Cudby says contrary to clothing, “petite” doesn’t relate to body size or […]

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The Best Bra For Big Breasts

Bras for busty girls can be tricky, so I’m thrilled to be the featured expert in this article highlighting some of my favorite selections for us curvaceous chicks!   Please check it out! The Best Bra For Big Breasts

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In honor of selling their 5 millionth bra, Bare Necessities has launched a contest to give away five $1000 spending sprees on the site.   Now, I love Bare Necessities – they are my first stop when it comes to buying online.   They have a amazing selection of intimates, and an unmatched customer experience. […]

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Ali Cudby in the news!

posted on October 18, 2011 in Bra Fit

I’m thrilled to be featured on!   “Are You Wearing The Right Bra?” by Liz Menz Figenshu.   Please check it out!  

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Here’s a video, shot at Trousseau in Vienna, VA, showing proper bra fit.   Enjoy!  

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Encapsulation bra for full-busted women

Have you ever watched a woman jog down the street without a sports bra, breasts bouncing in a way that can only be described as painful? Ouch! Why go through that torture? Particularly when fantastic exercise bras are out there in a range of sizes and styles. A sports bra is an essential garment for […]

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Enjoy extra savings from – everything you need for the sexiest Halloween ever!  

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