It’s important work – some of the most important work in the world. Helping women look and feel their best in their bodies by finding bras that fit goes far beyond lingerie itself.

Helping a woman find a bra that fits means working directly with her self-image.


Hi, I’m Ali Cudby.

I founded Fab Foundations to guide dedicated professionals in the technical skill of bra fitting combined with the customer relationships that encourage women to feel comfortable, confident and secure about their experience.

For professionals who are ready to TAKE ACTION, businesses thrive by connecting at a deeper level with customers.

It’s about selling through serving.

Customers become raving fans, and company’s bottom lines grow as a result.

What began with a bra fitting has become a way to help women business leaders create loyal, repeat clients who become raving fans.

The Result?  Revenue increases of over 35% within 90 days!

Because when customers find places to feel seen, heard and valued they want to go back for more.

Want a business with customers who can’t wait to buy from you again?

Then you want FAB FOUNDATIONS.

What My Clients Are Saying

bare necessities

Ali’s training and coaching was instrumental in morphing our Bare Necessities Customer Service Representatives. This course will help you connect deeper with your customers by assessing and then filling their need. It will make your customers come back for more!”

 – Laura Burke, Director of Customer Service, Bare Necessities

Cheryl Photo

I always have had the desire and the passion to succeed. What I needed to truly excel were the tools that Ali provides. The biggest thing I’ve achieved since working with Ali is finding balance between work and leisure. Now I can excel at both. And when you can excel on every level, the money will come. Ali can give you the recipe to succeed. How far you take it is totally up to you!”

 – Cheryl, Apparel Retailer


If you are in the business of helping women look and feel their best, do not hesitate to sign on with Ali. You will elevate yourself and your business to new heights, and have a great time doing it!”

– Linda, Lingerie Manufacturer

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